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Level 1 - a1

To complete the first level (A1) students must know the following:

ability to comprehend oral speech

The student must be able to understand slow speech, with pauses, simple instructions and answer simple questions. Also he/she  must be able to distinguish words acoustically, understand common expressions, and sentences that concern them, their interests, their family and their immediate environment.


The student must have the ability to recognize the letters of the alphabet, uppercase and lowercase as well as words and simple phrases.

Also he/she must understand short texts, messages and cards, recognize words and very basic phrases for everyday topics, understand simple descriptions and follow simple short instructions. Finally, he/she must be able to understand  the development of a short and simple story and be able to follow short, simply written instructions, especially if there is visual support (illustrated stories, maps, pictures of objects, etc.).


The student must be able to form short sentences with a simple structure and use basic punctuation. They should be able to produce very short, simple texts, such as a card. Also the student must be able to write simple sentences describing himself, his home, his school and his neighborhood.


The student must be able to form individual sentences, which describe themselves and the faces familiar to them. They should be able to give information about their everyday environment, interests and ask simple questions about time and place. Also the student must be able to introduce himself/herself and use basic expressions of greeting and farewell.

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