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Registration for Kids and Teen programs will take place during the month of October. 
Registration for Adult and Conversation classes will be twice a year in October and January.

Registration for private lessons can be at any time.

All payments will be due before the first day of class and 1st week in January.
Please start by filling out the registration form that can be found on our tuition and contact page.


Students will take an evaluation test to determine their level and class placement.

After your level is determined you will be sent information on available class times. 

All of our virtual classes will be conducted through Zoom and all you will need to do is create your own zoom account. Prior to the class your teacher will send a link to your email address.

Clicking on this link will then allow you to join our virtual classroom. Our lessons are fully interactive from the books we use to the white board the teacher writes on in real time. 

Not to worry if this is new to you we will gladly guide you through it all.  

Lesson Requirements

In order to be able to attend our online courses, you will need to have the following technology:

  •  High speed internet connection

  • Computer with webcam

  • Zoom account (free for students)

  • Greek keyboard (download only)

  • Interactive Book (downloaded) that will have to be purchased only for the group language classes

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