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Each student after taking an evaluation exam will be placed in one of our 6 levels.

All levels will meet once a week for a 90 minute online class. Classes will run from September -May. 

There will also be an option for 30 minute add on classes each in Music and Theater.



Listed below are the 6 levels of classes we offer. GOLL follows the guidlines of the "Center for the Greek Language". If you need more information  you can also visit the Greek Language Center website.

Levels of Greek Language 


"Theater" lessons will be 30 minutes, once a week and will follow the same calendar as the weekly language lessons. The Theater class will explore different topics each month with a focus on major Greek events and holidays such as OXI Day, Christmas, Greek Independance Day, Easter, and more.

 With each topic the student will first learn the history behind the topic and the importance to the Greek culture before playing a part in a sketch as a theater group.

    "Music" lessons will be 30 minutes, once a week, and will begin immediately after Theater class. During this lesson the students will be taught various greek songs synonymous with Greek national holidays as well as songs by famous Greek composers. The students will learn the text and meaning of the songs in addition to being able to sing the songs. Our proven method of teaching music online consists of 2 videos created of each song by our music teacher and sent to each student. One video is of the teacher playing the piano and singing the song so that the student can practice at home and the other is a video with just the music so the student can practice singing on their own as they learn the song and feel more confident.

Registration for kids and teen classes will be held once a year in August

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