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Level 6 - Γ2

To complete the sixth level (Γ2) students must know the following:

ability to comprehend oral speech

The student at this level should have no difficulty understanding any kind of spoken language, either live or broadcast. More specifically, he/she must be able to understand any conversation between natural speakers, which may concern abstract, complex and perhaps specialized topics beyond their personal or professional interests. The student must also be able to attend specialized lectures and presentations as a member of a live audience, follow and understand instructions and announcements, watch television and movies, listen to radio broadcasts, and recordings that use many elements of idiomatic expressions.


At this level the candidate is expected to be able to understand, with very little chance of misunderstanding, almost all types of written texts, complex, specialized, literary. Must be able to distinguish nuances of style of the author in any text. In addition, he/she should be able to quickly identify the details that interest them in texts, fully understand the text and evaluate its material. Finally, he/she must be able to understand detailed instructions for handling electronic devices or machines, even if they are not relevant to their specialty.


Writing any text should not be a problem for a student at this level. Must be able to write clear, fluent composite texts in an appropriate and effective style with a logical structure for any subject and purpose. Students must have the ability to write a letter that is clear in its message and clearly expressed by choosing the appropriate style either on a personal, friendly, formal or professional level. Also he/she must be able to edit texts and write reports and essays on a variety of topics. 


The student must be able to converse comfortably, whether on a friendly, formal or professional level and present his/her arguments on any subject, without lagging behind a native speaker. He/she must be able to exchange information and advice on a wide variety of topics, easily converse and cope with any difficulties they may encounter during an interview. The student must also be able to use a wide and rich vocabulary.

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