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Level 5 - Γ1

To complete the fifth level (Γ1) students must know the following:

ability to comprehend oral speech

The student must have the ability to understand almost all spoken words, even when produced at a fast pace, and to elicit information and implications from conversations that may contain unknown topics and may involve several speakers communicating at a regular pace. He/She must be able to attend lectures and recognize the various sections of a speech, such as key ideas, arguments, hypotheses, examples, generalizations, conclusions, and the relationship between them. The student must also be able to recognize the intentions of the speaker along with their jokes, deviations, warnings, recommendations and to understand and deal to a large extent with euphemisms, irony and metaphorical use of language.


The student must have the ability to read almost all forms of written speech, including specialized articles, scientific and literary texts, and to understand all the information, ideas, and views expressed by the author.


The student must have the ability to write texts that are clear and fluid. This writing should include descriptions, narratives, ideas, summaries or reviews of works, and convincing arguments


The student must have the ability to take part in any discussion or conversation and be familiar with idiomatic expressions. He/She must also be able to present clearly and fluently descriptions of events, personal experiences, products, narratives, give definitions, summaries of books, articles, a film, make comments, make jokes, give explanations, and clarifications. He/She must be able to exchange information with great precision, to express their views with coherence and clarity. The student must have the ability to make assumptions of any kind, to express conclusions, variety of emotions, intentions, plans, decisions, obligations, warnings, promises, opinions, dreams, etc.

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