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Level 3 - B1

To complete the third level (B1) students must know the following:

ability to comprehend oral speech

The student must be able to understand slow speech, with pauses, to understand instructions and answer simple questions. Also he/she  must be able to distinguish words acoustically, expressions and sentences that concern them and their family, their immediate environment, and interests.


The student at this level must have the ability to understand the general meaning as well as substantive details of written texts related to the subject areas defined at this level. In particular, the types of written texts that the student is asked to understand include what was mentioned at levels 1 and 2 (A1&A2) and in addition: instructions for use (technological devices, etc.) signals (road signs, traffic signals), TV / radio / theater programs, brochures, prints, brief reports, simple newspaper and magazine articles.


The student must have the ability to produce written texts as described in levels 1 and 2 (A1&A2) and in addition must be able to write personal letters to friends or acquaintances, simple messages (congratulations, invitations, thank you, etc.) or even letters with standard content related to job application, complaint to a company, brief report of an accident, and simple descriptions of people, places, objects, events, etc.


The student must have the ability to respond to the normal transactions of everyday life. He/She should be able to take part in conversations on topics that are familiar to them, of personal interest or related to their everyday life. More specifically, he/she must be able to respond by giving and receiving information in communication situations, in formal or friendly speech, concerning his/her personal life (accommodation, food, movement, etc.), transactions with public services (post office, bank, etc.), the purchase of consumer goods, education, health problems, social life, professional life, and entertainment.

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